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Leadership Pass & Play

Problem: At their annual hi-po retreat, the client wanted to introduce the attendees to the new leadership behaviors.
Solution: A digitally enabled game where players are given a card describing a tangible action that embodies a leadership behavior. When they complete the leadership action, they tell the app, score a point, and pass the card to a colleague. Points were tallied in real time on a dashboard screen, providing the facilitator a rich source of data to drive discussion at the end of the session.

Charlotte the Chocolatier

Attending employees performed a skit exploring missed opportunities in integrity leadership at a fictional pop culture-inspired chocolate company. The metaphor gave the facilitator a safe way to discuss the right and wrong integrity behaviors in action.

Leadership Immersion Rooms

Life-sized content panels replace projectors during a roadshow deployment of new leadership behaviors around innovation, goal setting, integrity, and company mission.

Guess That Capability!

Inspired by Charades, leaders leverage all forms of performance art to compel their peers to identify leadership skills (without uttering them by name!) in this hilarious event game.

Feedback Workshop

A leader-led virtual workshop designed with a neuroscience foundation for exploring feedback: how to give it, how to receive it, and navigating the interpersonal relationships with the people involved.

Leadership Behaviors Self-Reflection Tool

An interactive tool (in 6 languages) designed to help employees reflect on and deepen their personal practice of defined org behaviors.

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