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Guess That Capability!

Inspired by Charades, leaders leverage all forms of performance art to compel their peers to identify leadership skills (without uttering them by name!) in this hilarious event game.

Leadership Immersion Rooms

Life-sized content panels replace projectors during a roadshow deployment of new leadership behaviors around innovation, goal setting, integrity, and company mission.

Comp System Video Series

A playful animated video series featuring a fictional professor offering step-by-step guidance on a newly deployed comp system.

Robot Invasion

Industry luminaries joined cocktail hour during a global leadership conference…as robots. With Double Robotics technology, these special guests navigated the event space and shared conversations with attendees from the comfort of their home offices.

Be It / See It

A pass-and-play style activity where team members challenge one another to put defined org behaviors into practice on the job.

HRBP Learning Summit Session

Development experiences for HRBPs featuring simulation-based role play, and scenario-driven personal reflection and planning.

Interim Markers of Progress Session

Articulate a strategy for rewarding career progression between band levels to engage and retain Millennial talent.

Leadership Pass & Play

Problem: At their annual hi-po retreat, the client wanted to introduce the attendees to the new leadership behaviors.
Solution: A digitally enabled game where players are given a card describing a tangible action that embodies a leadership behavior. When they complete the leadership action, they tell the app, score a point, and pass the card to a colleague. Points were tallied in real time on a dashboard screen, providing the facilitator a rich source of data to drive discussion at the end of the session.

Speaking Up Toolkit

A collection of tools and resources to help leaders build a culture of “speaking up” on their teams.

The Big Move

A cooperative board game that teaches change management through a fictional scenario about a family’s big move from suburban life to New York City. Originally developed as an event experience, The Big Move was adapted as a board game for team meetings and a virtual experience.

LMS Engagement Campaign

A year-long series of whimsical cartoons featuring adventure-explorers in everyday learning moments, and practical tips for using a newly deployed learning system.

Year End Conversation Builder

An interactive tool for leaders to support consistent compensation decision conversations across the enterprise.

Leadership Behaviors Self-Reflection Tool

An interactive tool (in 6 languages) designed to help employees reflect on and deepen their personal practice of defined org behaviors.

Role Clarity Madness

Two hundred players compete across four fields of play to prove their role clarity by recreating a large-scale organization model from velcro-backed game pieces spread across four fields of play. This fast paced experience featured a game announcer, referees with whistles, penalty boxes, a live scoreboard, a game clock, and confetti canons.

Performance Designations Video

Animated video overview describing how the company applies its performance designations.

Employee Career Guide

An interactive career guide to navigating career and development paths across the enterprise.

New Employee Onboarding App

New hires begin their journey before they ever set foot in the office. The gamified journey keeps them on track leading up to their Day One and beyond.

Culture of Integrity

A keynote presentation to be delivered to executives across the pharmaceutical industry about transcending regulatory compliance and transforming corporate cultures through integrity leadership.

Global Comms Simulation

Large scale multimedia simulation where participants play out a day in the life of a PR disaster to test the organization’s communications readiness.

Whose Role Is It Anyway?

An improv-based game show experience to introduce a new global operating model and challenge participants to grasp key changes to their roles and responsibilities through pointed and humorous live sketches.

Design Your Career (like an Innovator)

Individuals interview each other using appreciative inquiry techniques to design the ideal career path for their partner.

OKR Training

With coaching from the facilitator and colleagues, workshop participants tried their hand at crafting OKRs that would motivate themselves and support the goals set forth by the business.

Charlotte the Chocolatier

Attending employees performed a skit exploring missed opportunities in integrity leadership at a fictional pop culture-inspired chocolate company. The metaphor gave the facilitator a safe way to discuss the right and wrong integrity behaviors in action.

Fail to Grow

Packaged like a classic toy store board game, this growth mindset learning activity has players encumber their opponents with moments of failure in order to inspire their growth. Players are encouraged to tell personal stories and draw parallels to their own growth stories.

Feedback Workshop

A leader-led virtual workshop designed with a neuroscience foundation for exploring feedback: how to give it, how to receive it, and navigating the interpersonal relationships with the people involved.

Employee Experience Toolkit

A guide for HR leaders to support consistent communication across the enterprise about why employees should join, stay, and grow their careers.

Innovation Challenge

A team-led, design thinking challenge where participants identify a problem impacting their team and rapidly prototype solutions in small teams.

Career Conversations Workshop

A workshop experience and related resources to support leaders in having successful career conversations, and navigating difficult ones (ROLE PLAY).

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