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We are a consultancy and creative agency specializing in people strategy, organizational transformation, and unique solutions in employee engagement and development.


What we do

and Planning

Consulting and design thinking workshops to support HR and people strategy, performance management, employer brand, and employee engagement efforts.

What we do

Experiences and Games

Gameshows, simulations, and other experiential activities for conferences and off-site events.  

Improv-based game show brings a new behavior model to life.

What we do

and Resources

Development workshops, onboarding, unique games, team activities, online learning, and more.

What we do

Engagement and Communications

Keynote presentations, animation, infographics, graphic facilitation, and more.

Posters in common areas to support a change effort



Change Management

Experiences for building alignment and momentum for organizational change, and solutions for developing change management practitioners

Our work
Diversity & Inclusion

Experiences that build belonging and strengthen inclusivity as a leadership capability

Our work
Design Thinking

Collaborative workshops for designing enterprise solutions, solving complex problems, and driving leadership alignment

Our work

Solutions for building feedback habits and strengthening feedback conversations, and strategic development for feedback integration into enterprise processes

Our work
Organizational & Leadership Behaviors

Organizational behavior development and employee engagement solutions

Our work
Leadership Development

Experiences that create insight, strengthen self-awareness, and elevate leadership practices

Our work
Growth Mindset

Experiences that transcend growth mindset theory, create insight about personal and team potential, and drive new learning habits

Our work

Development and design experiences to help teams approach their own challenges and opportunities with an innovator’s mindset and toolkit

Our work
Learning & Development

Solutions and experiences to support enterprise Learning & Development priorities

Our work
Communication & Storytelling

Solutions and development experiences to strengthen one-on-one, team, and enterprise communications and conversations

Our work
Career Development

Purpose-driven career planning, from aspiration to action

Our work
Integrity & Ethics

Solutions that strengthen understanding of and commitment to organizational integrity and ethics practices

Our work
Performance Ratings

Strategic development and solutions to support ratings that differentiate built on reliable performance data approaches

Our work
Operating Model

Approaches for transforming your operating model, and driving organizational understanding and adoption

Our work

Experiences in exploring, understanding and transforming organizational identity and culture

Our work

Engagement and development solutions for teams and leaders adopting OKR-based goal setting practices

Our work
Leader as Coach

Solutions and resources to support leaders as they build and practice career and performance coaching skills

Our work
Goal Setting & Tracking

Engagement and development solutions for teams and leaders adopting continuous goal setting practices

Our work
Employee Brand / Employee Value Proposition

Approaches for developing an authentic and inspiring workplace brand

Our work

Solutions for accelerating new hire integration and their path to productivity

Our work
HR Business Partner Development

Programs for building expertise and strategic alignment across HRBP communities of practice

Our work
Compensation & Rewards

Communications and interactive tools that facilitate compensation processes and conversations

Our work
Performance Management

Strategic development and solutions to support continuous performance management culture, practices, and systems

Our work
Loyalty & Recognition

Strategic development for employee Loyalty & Recognition programs

Our work

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    Our experience is distinctly multifaceted, spanning collaboration and design thinking, driving rapid growth in a startup environment, management consulting, advertising, and theatrical production.


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